We are a Christian-based learning center, offering daycare for infants through pre-kindergarten. Call now to enroll your child and reserve your spot in our new session, beginning May 28th.


Infant care begins at 6 weeks old. In the infant classroom, our teachers' focus will be on fulfillingĀ  your child's immediate needs. We will also try and help your baby get on a predictable eating and sleeping routine. Spaces are very limited in the infant classroom. Please call ahead to get put on the waiting list.

Toddlers and Twos

One and two is a very fun time for your child. They begin to walk, talk, and truly develop a unique personality. We provide a safe environment for your child to grow and learn. We also believe in the importance of early education. At this age, we will help your child begin to learn shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

Threes and Pre-Kindergarten

In our 3 year old classes, your child will begin learning to write letters and the sounds each letter makes. In the pre-k program, we will take this even further. Our pre-k program is focused on getting each child ready to read. Many of our graduates will enter kindergarten already reading proficiently on their own! We will also begin to introduce math concepts, such as addition. In the spring, each pre-k student will take a one-on-one standardized test. This is wonderful tool in showing your child's progress throughout the year.

Teams of Tomorrow (ToTs)

For an additional fee, you can enroll your child in a weekly basketball skills program.


We also have a tumbling bus that comes once each week. Students who are enrolled will learn skills through movement and fun!